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Clinical data:
72 year-old male patient was prior history of catheter based closure of ASD/PFO. Now presents with chest discomfort.

Stress test:
4 minutes 6 seconds on a Bruce protocol with typical anginal chest pain and 1 mm of horizontal ST segment depression during exercise with a further 0.5 mm ST segment depression in recovery.

Nuclear imaging:
Severe perfusion abnormality involving the anteroapical and anteroseptal walls with mild stress induced Left Ventricular cavity dilation. The perfusion defect reversed completely at rest. Resting left ventricle ejection fraction 75% falling to 56% at peak exercise.

Catheterization data:
Significant LAD stenosis at two levels and totally occluded right coronary artery. LAD disease treated with stenting.

Case 1 - Pre Stent Pic
Case 1 - Post Stent Pic